My weekend

My weekend

This weekend was one of the better ones in a long, long time. It all started on Friday evning when one of my best friends came over and we just sat outside with a bottle of wine and a lot of chatching up to do. I was suppost to cut my friends hair as well that evning, but because he came after we’de opened the second bottle we discided to drop it. Who knows how that could have turned out…?

After a lot of talking and simple laughing at the littlest things we made our way up to join some other friends where the evning countinued late into dark. Therefor Saturday was turned into a sleep-in day to re-inforce my strength for my first BBQ this year at my friends house. I stayed over at her’s that night and mostly for the rest of Sunday. We found eachother back at my house in the evning again where we went out for a movie night with some friends.

I stayed out way to late and got less than 5h of sleep, but I can only blame myself. On the top of everything I had my first of three exam days today. But I’ll give you those details later.

Now I’ve got to catch up on some sleep..




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