Life and all that

Life and all that

Since yesterday I’ve been feeling a little cold sneaking it’s way to me. It’s only getting worse so it feels like and my whole body is hurting at times. I’m trying to ease the pain though with a lot of sleep, tea, fruit and a lot of water. Being sick itself is bad but on top of that having finals makes it all worse. I just hope I can give my best tomorrow at my last day of exams. I feel like you appriciate everything so much more when you are sick. You feel how good it is to be healthy and what wonderful little things in life most of us take for granted. I can’t wait to get well again and enjoy every little thing. On the plus side I’ve only got 13 more days of school, in my whole life! Unbelievable.

And any tip to get better fast from a horrible cold / flu is received with open arms.. anyone?



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