Already getting started

Already getting started

As you may know I love to travel and get butterflies the day before the departure. I can hardly sleep and go through all of the things I might have forgotten to pack. But packing is one of the best parts when going on vacation. A month before I already look in my closet and find things that might be suitable to take with me. And it just wouldn’t be right without a few new clothes, so I go shopping and make sure that those clothes can be worn and taken with me on my summer holiday. A week before I dust of my suitcase which hasn’t been used since last summer but that doesn’t matter cause now it’s finally time to pre-pack. Yes, pre-pack which basically means I find clothes I want to take with, put them on my bed, then sort out pieces that really aren’t necessary to take with and you can just forget that I’m taking the same clothes I took last year. No, this year I will have a whole new wardrobe with me on holiday. Then I pack down those things I feel worthy of taking with me and then the day before I have to close my suitcase I go through my clothes ones again. Just to make sure that I have everything and also to take out stuff I really don’t need, cause everyone knows that girls always take too much with them.
So here are just some things I want to take with me this year. I still have to find my travel outfit, but I have narrowed it down to two choices.



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