Is this it?

Is this it?

Is this what I’ve been waiting for? My birthday. All my life I’ve waited for this day, the day I turn 18. I remember when I was 13 years and couldn’t wait to grow up and become an adult. Just to know all the things you can do, being your own boss. But the only thing fun about growing up is.. well, you fill out the blank because I don’t know yet. But I do know that I’ve learned a lot in these 18 years of my lifetime and I’ve been so blessed having a wonderful family who cares more than anything and I love them to death. And all my friends who’ve been there through thick and thin with me, I couldn’t have made it without you. So thank you to all who has every given me a reason to live, laugh and love. You keep me going and I hope for another good 18 years to come and more!



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