Let the truth be known

I would hardly ever put a light on this kind of subject but because this is something that happened to my family and something I was apart of for a decade. I wanted to shine a light on the subject because it’s close to my heart still now after several years. I won’t say much more to the subject but let the video in the link below show you more and give you a insight of what has and is going on in the world.

“Cult of horrors”

This is where my faith has come from but also has been tested afterwards.
Trust in God, always.

Any questions will gladly be answered if wanted.



One thought on “Let the truth be known

  1. Reblogged this on journeythroughlife15's Blog and commented:
    Pre-warning: this isn’t one of those light hearted blog posts but something that I feel I should share so that others are aware. (did not mean to make that awful rhyme.. ;))

    Anyway, a few days ago, a video was released about The Cult of Horrors. Many of my family shared it on Facebook and so I watched it. I knew something of it. I knew my family had been in a church that was difficult to get out of, but that was the height of it. It is seriously so much more than this. This cult is the Christian Assembly International. Many years ago when my family lived in an army base in Germany, there was a man who claimed that he was sent by God to spread the gospel and to start a church. My uncle was the first man that he converted. My family (including my own parents) spent years and years in this church where the pastor physically abused, sexually abused, spiritually abused, mentally abused and wanted money and power. Even children were abused. Horrific thought, really. My parents were in this church for 9 years and luckily then got out whereas many others from my family were in it for another 10 years! Its difficult for me to explain but in the transcript it says:

    “He is a self-styled evangelist who told his followers he was The Anointed One, chosen by God to convert the world to his beliefs.

    Anyone who didn’t follow his word was told they would burn in hell, that he held the key to their salvation on judgement day.

    In reality, Scott Williams was a cult leader who used his own brand of religion to warp biblical scripture in the pursuit of sex, money and power.

    Scott Williams left Australia 38 years ago, converting hundreds of young people throughout Europe. On the outside, life appeared happy. But now, former cult members reveal to Four Corners a lifetime of secretive abuse, misplaced worship and horrifying punishments carried out under the guise of obedience to ‘The Overseer’, Scott Williams. Their stories are so shocking, their brainwashing so profound, it is almost unbelievable. As one former member explained:

    “It’s not simple to walk out. No. I wish I could. I tried. I tried a few times. It’s a curious web and it was like he’s the spider and he’s got you there and you can’t get out of the bloody spider web.” ”

    Although its a difficult topic, I recommend you watch the video. This is still going on.. and I really hope and pray that the investigation will help others to be free. A few of my family members are featured in the video. My uncle being one of the main speakers. I am so so proud of him for being brave enough and strong enough to share his experiences so that others can be saved from going through something similar.

    I couldn’t figure out how to link the video but if you click ‘cult of horrors’ on my cousins post that I shared here, you should be able to watch it.

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