Long time coming

The day is finally here and I’m officially on my vacation. Oh, how good it feels. And it truly feels as if I’m living in the moment, enjoying everything! I know I’m excited to drive to Italy as well, but right now everything is just perfect. I have the sweetest Oma and my mother is also a total delight to be with on holiday. There’s something about getting away from our usual life, we relax and take time to smell the flowers and look around and see how blessed we actually are.

Today the day is taking us (my mother & I) to Weilheim. It’s the next ‘big city’ where we can do a little shopping since it’s not perfect beach weather, but I’m positive that it will come.

With no future ado I’m going to end this post because I have to get dressed and ready. We also have a rental car this year which will make it easier to get out and about. OK, now I have to find the log off button. I’ll write more later, promise!



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