Day 7: Hello Sirmione

Ah, what a relief getting safe and sound to Sirmione AND before 12 a.m. What a trip and I’m so happy it’s done. The last bit was so stressful and I was sure we were lost and wouldn’t be able to find our hotel. And right before I though all hope was gone there it was on our left; Hotel Arena. My hopes weren’t as high as my mums I think because I did read through the reviews right before we left Germany just to see what the people thought about it. But the only downer is that the wi-fi connection isn’t strong and it has it’s main server at the reception. Luckily we got a room in the 1st floor which makes it possible for me to have one and sometimes two bars with Internet. My laptop is not so lucky but I will manage.

Tomorrow we’ll see how the breakfast is and how the bed is to sleep on. Other then that I can’t complain. The staff is really nice, at least the two people we met, and we’ve got a mini fridge and a little TV.

Can’t wait for tomorrow – my BIRTHDAY! Like I’ve said, I cannot believe it, another year gone by. I will write more tomorrow, maybe even sit out at the lounge so that I can write on my laptop. Now it’s film time before I’m going to sleep into my 19th birthday.



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