Day 10: Affi service center

We still had our little dilemma about paying this fee we got when we drove from Brennero to Affi on Monday and today was the day to fix it. Around 11 a.m. we were on our way. A trip like this was suppose to take 30 minutes but with our luck we drove right into a queue out of Sirmione. After 1 hour we were at Affi and just meters away from the service center we couldn’t find it. It was just so typical but after one stop were my mum bravely asked for directions we got there. Two lovely Italians help us and explained that we’d already payed our ticket. With our hearts revealed and our wallets still half full with money we walked out of there revealed that they didn’t ask for more money. We left happily and drove back to Sirmione and when we got back to the hotel I had to enjoy the sun a bit so I went tanning on the sunroof.


We decided to try a restaurant by the sea, but after an expensive pizza and a pasta dish served by a snobby staff we decided to have dessert and coffee somewhere else. After a short walk we stumble upon a cute bar where we took our coffee.




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