My eyes are have asleep but I will give you this short update of how my life is right now. Even though tomorrow will be my fifth workday, this week feels as if I’ve worked for weeks. The days at work just keep getting longer and longer and when you catch your breath and get home you can’t even sit down for five minutes before you have to get in your car again and drive to work. That’s at least how it feels like.

On a more positive note; my best friend is coming home for a week or so in December and I just can’t wait to see her! Getting butterflies as we speak. Ahh, it feels like years since I saw her, but it’s actually just been a little under six months.

Anyhow, still trying to figure out how this iMovie is working but it’s confusing as hell.. buut I turned it off before I broke the new AirBook. No new videos for me though since I can’t figure out how this shit is working. Any tips?

I’m going to give my body some rest now and turn off the light and go to sleep. Good night, world!


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