Let’s recap

Let’s recap

What a year. 2015 – it’s come to an end.

I knew that 2015 would be a time for me to change, grow, and to learn. I can’t wait for more challenges in the new year, more laughter and more memories to make.

New Years Eve – I started 2015 with one of the best persons I know and love. And I’m so happy I can say the same this year.

Crete, Grease – 1st  May I went on my first holiday oversees this year. We had a lovely, and warm, 4 days in Crete.

15th & 16th of June – The day had come where I could finally call myself a hairdresser. I passed my exam and all my hard work payed off.

Berlin, Germany – A short mini weekend trip to Berlin with my family. A little treat for all the hard work I’ve put behind me in 2015.

26th of August – 20 something – goodbye teenage years. Can I actually call myself an adult now?

16th of September – A date so close to my heart, that I will hopefully have the courage to talk about in the new year.

1st of November – First apartment, moving away from home. Now I’m on my own.

I never made any new years resolutions last year and I think I will keep that tradition. Because we don’t need a new year to change, we get a second chance every single day.




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