Midweek update

Midweek update

I’m starting today off with a warm cup of lemon with honey. I woke up with a little bit of a itching throat and I do not feel like getting sick now. I have to make myself breakfast soon because my stomach does get a little bit upset if I wait too long.

Yesterday was a rainy autumn day but that didn’t stop us from going out. I got to use a new rain cover for the stroller and I came to know that I need a new rain jacket, one that is a bit bigger and longer. Something I will look for today when I’m going shopping with my mum. We walked down to our local shopping center and sat down to eat pancakes and I had one of the best frappes. The little one also got some walking shoes which will make it easier for him to practice.

Yesterday evening we all went out for pizza which was nice. It’s been a while since we’ve been out, and it was actually the first time with our son.

Today will be one of those normal days again. I’m planning on working out, maybe doing a warm up outside and then in the evening I have some alone time with my mum. Nice little surprises like these during the week is what you need once in a while.



3 thoughts on “Midweek update

  1. salam alikom,
    if you feel down, just please listen to this angelic voice of the holy Quran and you will feel good in shaa Allah.this is the link

  2. hi,
    my advise to you is every morning to put some turmeric (small amount) like half tea spoon and add some olive oil and then add some sliced ginger then pour boiling water to the cup. leave until warm and then add a table spoon of organic honey and squeeze one lemon, then drink every morning before breakfast and wait 30 minutes before taking your breakfast. eat the sliced ginger while drinking the mixture. trust you will say bye bye to the flue,to the irritating throat and coughing.
    you will also bee free inshaallah form other diseases. try it.

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