Chasing Likes Through Double Taps

Chasing Likes Through Double Taps

After deleting my social media I suddenly remember how my time was spent before using it. How I used to have time to enjoy my meals without scrolling through Instagram. Or how I actually get time to read the blogs I used to love instead of just skimming through to see the pretty pictures. I found myself wasting my precious time – the time we have so little of and that goes by faster each year. At the end of the day it was neither beneficial or good for me. Whether I was posting a new picture, searching for likes and comments, waiting for my next follower. Or scrolling through to find my heart get jealous of what I couldn’t deliver through amazing photography skills or the number of likes I saw flashing in my face.

I need to start focusing on myself in the real world and not the visual concept we call social media.

No one dares to show the real side of life – only chasing likes through double taps.




One thought on “Chasing Likes Through Double Taps

  1. YES! Real world vs Virtual/Visual worlf ….we all need to come back to the real world and size our life as desired/commanded by Almighty Allah! This is like fresh air free from pollution. On the other side Visual/Vertuallife is similar to a smoky situation of life being congested + polluted! In short Light vs Dark .. any soul obliged to Allah, offers sejda shall surely understand my words easily but the soul is corrupted’ll never be able to reach to it! Sorry for writing a bit complexed .. hope understood. May Allah forgive all of us ….. Aameen!

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