My miracle

My miracle

Both my babies are in bed now, even though it happened to get a bit earlier for my son. But since he missed his afternoon nap today he was eagerly asleep once we put him down. It’s been 11 days since our little girl arrived and the days are slowly flying by. My due date was just four days ago but I’m so glad she came early. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d go another minute of being pregnant. I’m enjoying every moment of being a mom of two, trying to find our new routine and having lots of family time. I know a labor & delivery story is still missing from this page and my YouTube, but they are in the works. In the mean time let me reminisces of the things I don’t really miss from my pregnancy. 

5 Things I don’t miss from being pregnancy

  1. Itching all over my growing belly
  2. Not having any clothes that fit properly
  3. Seeing new stretch marks
  4. Not being able to go an hour without using the bathroom
  5. Having extreme back pain at the end of the day


With that being said, I’m never going to be ungrateful for the miracle I have in my life. After nine long and painful months, she is finally here and I’m so lucky and thankful.



2 thoughts on “My miracle

  1. Alhamdulillah! Happy to know all went fine! Now please effort to breast feeding as our God (Allah) commanded plus desired of you (a Woman) .. minimum 02 years! This is her God gifted right not that Elezabeth is doing some kind of favour to this little angel! I can share a little of my experience here .. Allah was kind to offer me twins sons ( now studying in Germany) and my lady (being a serving lady, a Professor of English) breast feded my sons for around 02 and a Half years since the twins were premature born (only 06 months in mother’s womb!!) ….. yet saying always that her milk was in excess that even could feed 04 to 05 children! On the other side, there is a down trend on this breast feeding in our society, many mothers deprive their new born of breast feeding fearing this’ll hamper their body shaping etc etc! Our prayer (DOA) for you and your sweet family always. May Allah keep you fine, safe and happy ….. Ameen!🗺

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