Where is your freedom now

Where is your freedom now

You tell me I am oppressed because of the way I dress.
You tell me I am oppressed because I cover my hair.
You tell me I am oppressed because I choose not to hug nor kiss you.

Now you are outside covering your face and your hands.
And you neither touch nor kiss someone,
because you are scared of the dangerous corona virus.

Science is now telling you how to dress and act with others.
Allah has always told me how to dress and act with others.

You are afraid of the virus.
I am afraid of Allah.

You want to be saved from the epidemic.
I want to be saved from the hell fire.

Now who of us is oppressed?




4 thoughts on “Where is your freedom now

  1. great thought sister , i really like it , i have thought about that too , nowadays shows us everyone is the same
    they are driven by : the media or fashion that’s all make sense for them
    Allah give them the hedaya
    keep going sister
    allah bless you and your family
    Ramadan Mubarak

    1. Alhamdulillah! Well said >> just see No nuclear bomb, no war ever not a single bullet fired but only a virus! Unknow, unseen, undiscovered! This is what is God’s power to bring back people to realization that there is no God but Allah and one must oblige to discipline as the Lord commanded on us. Allah Hu Akbar

  2. It makes good sense to me to be modest in behavior and dress. Our world has a lot of problems with right and wrong.

    But God can set us free. Free from fear, sin, regret, and shame. Forgiveness is freedom.

    Bless you for doing this blog, Elizabeth. It is good to see a young woman considering these important things.

  3. Alhamdulillah! Allah Hu Akbar !
    salam Sister
    Great and powerful writings with some great in depth meanings! Whoever has a real kind heart’ll understand but those whose hearts have been sealed by Allah ( Arabic word MOHR as we find in the Holy Qur’an) will never understand! Let us fear Allah (obey God’s rules + Commandments) not Corona virus! When the Supreme shall will to protect you there will be none in this world who can harm you ……… Aameen!

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