This saddens my heart

This saddens my heart

I miss the nights in Ramadan. When the night falls deep into a sleep and you are alone with your Lord. I miss the feeling of completely serving my Lord with the intentions to only please Him.

It saddens my heart that for each year it seems like we lose more and more people to this dunya. Don’t feel tempted to follow the footsteps of Shaytan. He only sits on the Straight Path to send you astray. And his whispers are only filled with lies and deception. 

Hold on to that last string of faith and recharge your imaan. Trust me, I know it can be hard. How tempting isn’t this world, with all it’s beautifications. But one thing is for sure; it will end and everything you have left are your deeds. So make them many and make them good. God willing, the good will overweight the bad on the day of Judgement and our faces will be shinning bright. 




2 thoughts on “This saddens my heart

  1. Yes ALHAMDULILLAH always.
    Thank you dear sister Elizabeth for sharing the life and soul touching thought and words. The Holy Ramadan month is such a time for recharging all the good things and fill up inspirations while shaking off all negative ones.

    Holy Ramadan is somewhat like over hauling our human body engine similar to over hauling a vehicle engine in short to free our souls from Dust & Rust! Hope we get it again in in next year 2021 to continue as long as we breath last to this world. May Allah forgive all of us who offers sejda to the Lord of this universe. My prayer and wishes for you, your family and children. ALLAH HU AKBAR

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