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I’m 24, born and raised in Scandinavia. I’m the youngest of three, with a creative mind. I remember when I was younger, playing dress up all day having numerous of outfit changes. Still I could never really seem to find one profession I could see myself working in and usually changed my mind as often as I changed my clothes. I wanted to become a gardener, gymnast,  dolphin trainer, model, make-up artist, and my last wish was to become a stylist. When the time came where I actually had to make a choice, I ended up choosing to become a hairdresser. I took my exam in 2015 and that autumn I also converted to Islam. A year and a half later, in January 2017 my first born child arrived. Now 2 years later we are a family of four – just recently welcomed our daughter in May 2019.

I’ve always had a love for writing – sharing my thoughts and feelings in this chaotic world. I’m so happy you made the time to stop by & hopefully you’ll like what I have to share and stick around.

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hii,,, Assalamualaikum my sister in faith, im from indonesia … my name is matt, .. oh Allah .. you’re very beautiful with heejab… may Allah bless you the peace of life in the world and hopefully you will get a happier life forever in jannah, and i hopefully we meet in it. Islam is a religion of tenderness and peace… i hope we meet someday..ameen.

  2. hi Elizabeth, since your are a hairdresser, ever thinking of opening a saloon for girls who are wearing hijabs or for everybody. if you interested, we can start a venture me and you or with your husband.

      1. i live in Saudi arabia. how much it cost to open this type of business in your resident.

      1. assalamu’alaikum…. hi, my friend, in the one aqidah, ((islam) my name is muammar from Indonesia, I read your blog from youtube. so, I ceck first. al hamdulillah from a true story. let’s we learn more about islam. until allah give us the heaven. amiin

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