Find your motivation

Find your motivation

Struggling with old and bad habits?

After every season I believe you can do whatever you set your mind to. If you set yourself goals and motivation you can almost do about anything. But we’ve all been in that place where you’re just so sick of trying and trying and not seeing any results – haven’t you? I want to give you some easy tips you can use to get healthy and slender with the right tools and A LOT of motivation.


– Increase the amount of vegetables and reduce the amount of carbs for dinner. For me it helped to cut out all pasta, rice and unhealthy bread – this obviously doesn’t work for everyone.
– Always have a water bottle available, both at work and at home.
– Set aside 1 evening in the week where you can enjoy yourself, and feel free to reward yourself with a little dark chocolate but with at least 70 percent cocoa.
– Reduce stress and negative influences. A fit and healthy body starts with a healthy mind!

There are no quick fixes. Living healthy and working out is a lifestyle, NOT a diet.


Do you want more tips and motivation to get your healthy lifestyle started. Comment and let me know!


Veggie wrap & interval training

Veggie wrap & interval training

I hardly ever now what to write on the first sentences, but I guess that’s how it is when your body has collapsed into the chair you’re in after a 16 hour-long day with a drivers lesson and a full work day afterwards. My head is so heavy I could walk over to my bed and fall asleep right away. But that just has to wait cause I want to give you guys today’s “Workout Wednesday”. This is a workout plan for a whole week, and I threw in a veggie recipe just for fun. Hopefully some of you out there read my last post about the vegetarian week I had and wanted to give it a go as well!

Monday: Long intervals. Walk or jog/run hard for 10 – 15 minutes and walk calm for 3 minutes – 3 repetitions.
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: Weight training for the whole body.
Thursday: Rest day
Friday: Run short intervals and work to straighten the core and back. Run fast for 45 seconds, and then walk slowly for 15 seconds, do this 6 times before you rest 2 minutes – repeat this 5 times.
Saturday / Sunday: Jog for 60 – 90 minutes, walk if it gets to hard.

Veggie wrap with sweet potato and salad

You’ll need:
– 2 Sweet potatoes
– Oil for frying
– 1 Red onion in boats
– Salt
– Juice of 1 lime
– 1 tbsp honey
– 2 tsp olive oil
– Chopped red chilli
– 1/2 bunch scallions
– 1/2 bunch coriander
– Lettuce
– Salt
– 4 coarse tortillas
– Lime quarters
– Thick yoghurt natural / Turkish yoghurt

1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into slices. Fry them in oil in a hot pan for 6-8 minutes. Add the onion to the pan in the last 2-3 min. If possible, use two pans. Season the vegetables with salt.
2. In the meanwhile, stir the lime juice, honey and olive oil together and season with chili. Cut the spring onions fine and pick coriander and lettuce. Flip the lettuce, coriander and spring onions in the dressing and season with salt.
3. Warm the tortillas and fill them with the hot vegetables and salad. Serve with lime quarters and yoghurt.

Bon appetite!


A little update

A little update

Hello beauties!

(Do you like me saying hello or getting right to the point in my blog posts? Let me know in the comment box below).

I haven’t updated you with a real “what’s going on in my life” post in a while. The thing is actually that I’m mostly working right now and every second of spear time I have I spend on WordPress or YouTube! I really love it. I get to do what I’m passionate about at work and at home. Other than that I try to squeeze in a workout or two here and there. It’s actually gone pretty well, I must say, and I think I’m going to start with a vegetarian week tomorrow. Meaning I will not eat any, and I mean any, meat or fish for a whole week. Sounds easy, but I think it’s going to be rather hard. I love myself a steak or some nice fried fish, but I think I will manage. We’ll see, I will keep you updated.

Now today, my only free day off this week, I did some editing on my new video coming up on Friday, and had my daily workout. Now I know it’s not Wednesday but I’m just so exited and have so much energy that I just wanted to share what I did for my workout.


Workout at home

Workout at home

If you know me or have talked to me the last days you know I’ve been sick again. I think this time it was because I was at an outdoor consent last Friday and it was raining, I got wet and cold and a result from that I got a cold. Anyway, thought I’d do a little workout today cause it’s been a while now and I miss working out. So now it’s time to see how good, or bad, my shape has gotten over the last week. This is my workout today: