Highlights of 2014

Highlights of 2014

Oh, wow.. 2014.

What a year. How time flies by. I found an old post from 2013 where I wrote my new years resolutions and they sounded something like this:

  • Be the best version of myself
  • Trust my life with God
  • Find love

Lets take a trip down memory land and look at what has happened the last year. Maybe some of my new years resolutions came true..

The year 2014

Berlin – I started my year in Berlin. Correctly, flying from America to Paris and then Berlin. Spending my last days off with shopping and eating good food before heading back home for work.

The love of my life – I told myself that I would find the love of my life again, that the one who broke my heart would be gone and forgotten at the end of 2014. April the 13th that plan went down with all my morals. I knew I was still in love with him but I was trying so hard to forget him and all our memories. And meeting him that night just made us make more memories. I can´t regret opening my heart to him again because I fell in love with him more then I ever thought was possible. My first and only love of my life.

Wedding – Not my real wedding but I had the pleasure of having on two amazing wedding dresses and getting my bridal hair done and walking on a catwalk to promote a bridal store and the salon I work at. A stressful, nerve-racking and fun day!

Miley Cyrus concert – The first ´real` concert I went to was the Bangerz concert the 28th of April. With three of my close friends we made our way to the concert starting of by waiting in line for an hour or two and drowning as many beers as possible before the police would catch us. A fun & crazy concert, just like Miley.

Best friends good bye – 13th of July I had to say good bye to my best friend. She was on her way to explore the world, or at least Spain the coming year working as an au pair. There is nothing beautiful about good byes and I could only look forward to the day where I got to see her again.

Summer vacation – I worked the entire summer and had a well deserved vacation at the end of August. My mum and I flew to Germany to stay with my Oma for a week, and then we made our way to Italy. After a good week there we drove back to Germany for another three days before we took the flight home again. A fun and different holiday, seeing lots of new places and having one last good memory with my Oma.

Losing Oma – On Monday the 27th of October I was in my car when I got a text message from my mum. That weekend I knew it was getting worse for Oma and on Monday morning she passed away quietly and peacefully in her bed while sleeping. She was such an amazing and inspiring person and I wish I had more time to spend with her.

This year has had it´s ups and downs. It wasn’t a great year but neither a bad one. I have learned, loved and lost. Trying to figure out my life and who I want to be, and I strongly believe that 2015 is going to be that wonderful year where I do all of that. I´ll figure out who I am and what road my life will take.

Even if I love and lose again, I will have learned. 


Late night blogging

Late night blogging

Oh, sweet Sunday. How much I love you but when evening comes we have to part and wait a whole 7 days to see each other again.. Soon work is calling again but before that I wanted to share a easy and so so good snack with you.

All you need is:

♥ 1-2 Apples ♥ Cinnamon ♥ Brown sugar

1. Warm a pan and slice the apples into boats. 2. Warm till they are golden brown and add as much cinnamon and brown sugar as you’d like. 3. Eat them alone or with yogurt – Enjoy!



Now I’m off for the evening, good night beautiful people ♥



Day 6: Early birthday celebration

Day 6: Early birthday celebration

Today I got spoiled with cake, gifts and food. Since we’re leaving tomorrow for Italy we had an early birthday celebration with the closest family. I really didn’t ask for anything other then a couple of things I order weeks beforehand from Amazon. But I did wish for a cake which I got and it was by far the best cake I’ve tasted in a long time. And it was no other then a NUTELLA cake, like seriously.. that there just needed caps lock cause I didn’t even know it was possible. But Oma did it so good but I couldn’t manage more then one piece.

We had dessert before dinner and after opening some presents we ate chicken and three well made salads.


In the evening I finally got to drive our rented car up to Hohenpeissenberg where we saw the most beautiful sunset on the way down. I’m totally in love with sunsets because it’s such a beautiful end to a day. And every sunset I see always gets more beautiful which is hard to believe is possible, because just look at this..


And of course the ‘Kicker’ had to find it’s way out from the garage so it could be played on a couple of times.

Now I’m almost done packing for tomorrow and I’m so tired I’m about to fall asleep so I’ll end it here.

Day 5: Stanberg

Day 5: Stanberg

Today was an all day trip from 1 o’clock till 9 which can confirm that I’m about to fall asleep any minute. My mother, uncle and his girlfriend and I all drove to Stanberger sea which approximate is a 45 minute drive. Like yesterday the weather didn’t agree with us and the sun hardly showed up. Optimistically as I am I went in a long dress with ballerinas. It’s save to say that my feet still are cold even now under my blanket. We stopped at a ‘Beergarten’ on the way home where I got to taste Mr. Hugo – my drink after 3 months. It wasn’t worth it but it did taste good.


We ended the day with dinner at a restaurant in Peiting where I had my favorite – Käsespätzle. Now we’re all back home and waiting for tomorrow, my early birthday celebration.

Oh, and sorry for the lack of photos. I do take my camera everywhere but today I forgot my memory card. It was waiting on me in my computer when I got home. It will be remembered tomorrow though.


Day 3: Peiting

Day 3: Peiting

Where to begin? Today wasn’t any special. I checked off a couple of things on my shopping list but still got my workout shoes and gloves left. I stayed in Peiting though which made the shopping bit minimal. The only shop I went to was Intersport, where I spend way too much money. And then Cafe central with my mum where we both enjoyed a coffee.







Day 2: Alpsee

Day 2: Alpsee

The day started off after finally sleeping in till half past ten. After a nice breakfast set at the table my day went on a bit slower then everyone else. I was so tired and we didn’t make our way out before noon. The day went to Alpsee where king Ludwig II had his castles. A total tourist attraction, something I hate, but I got the chance to test out my new lens for my camera and we had a nice meal.









Day 1: Weilheim

Day 1: Weilheim

Back again after a day with shopping, I’m setting in my bed, and like I said we went to Weilheim. I didn’t find everything I wanted to buy but some things at the drugstore and then two crop tops which weren’t planned at all. Still looking for a light jacket, workout clothes and shoes and maybe work shoes. I’ll see what I’ll find the next days but I’ll have to remember to save my money for Italy as well.

I finally got my objectives for my NIKON 1 camera which I’m so exited for. Still gotta figure out how everything works but I’m sooo happy. Of course I forgot my battery on my way to Weilheim so today’s outift pictures will come in iPhone quality.

Today’s buys:






Now there’s some video editing on the plan but I’m sure I’ll lay my head down to rest soon.


Finally vacation

Finally vacation

Could life me any more perfect right this moment? It’s not even a question, cause it’s perfect. Everything has fallen into place and everything will only get better from here, I just know it. There’s nothing stopping me now and I’ve got 3 long and wonderful weeks of vacation ahead. All I have to do now is to get into the right holiday mood and dial back like a 100 times to vacation mode.

I couldn’t wish for anything better and it’s been a long time coming but the time is finally here. Tomorrow the only thing to do is to go through my bag again and see if I have everything and maybe do some last minute shopping. I can’t wait for Monday but I’ll miss my boo the next weeks so hopefully the time will go a little, but just a little bit fast so that I can see him again. Other then that everything is falling into place.

Good night beautiful world. Exhausted after a long summer working, my bed is waiting.


Last-minute planning

Last-minute planning

So I actually planned on a late workout outside this evening but the thought of sitting inside right now suits me very well. The fall breeze is already here and because I don’t have any good clothing for outside workouts, I think I have to sit this one out. Though I think I’m going to be planted in my seat in front of the screen the next hour or so. I have several last-minute planning to do before my vacation officially starts on Monday. And if you know me, you know that I like to have everything set and ready a good time before I leave. Like I’ve mention before, my luggage is already packet, only a few more details left. Two more days at work and then I have a 3 week-long vacation ahead of me. Oh, I can’t wait for Friday to come any sooner.

I’ve packed and flown so many times before but every time I think about things I might have forgotten, so I think I’m going to make a list over things I’m taking so that nothing goes missing. Tomorrow I’ve got an appointment to fix my nails and on Monday a little last-minute pampering on the agenda. Hopefully the weather will agree with us on our holiday cause my luggage is packet with dresses and short shorts. We’ll see.. *crossing my finger*.

Now I’m off, my bed is calling me soon.
Good night, beautiful people.




I thought it was time for a heart-to-heart again. I have something that I have on my mind and it’s just not going away till I get it out.

It’s so often that we’re being labeled by others. Other people that don’t know you, that only see you at work or school.
I’m being labeled and I hate it. What have I’ve not been called by someone? Probably everything in the book, and if not to my face then behind my back. I hear all the time that I look like a bitch or even act like one sometimes or that I’ve got an attitude. Well, I’m not like that at all. And if the people around me calling me those things would know even half the person I am inside they would see me in a different way. But they don’t see and don’t understand.

When I was younger I always saw myself as a shy person and I never really said much. I never voiced my opinion and made sure that people wouldn’t hear me. Over the years that apparently changed and even my best friend said to me that the first time she saw me she though I looked mean.

Now, I know that I’m not like that, neither mean, a bitch or have an attitude, but it hurts my feelings when people say that about me. I don’t know what I’m suppose to do but I refuse to change because of them. I just feel misunderstood.