Warm pasta salad with shrimps

I made this dish yesterday and still have some leftovers which will be my lunch today. Even though the title does say salad, I believe this is more of a wok kind of meal, but either way it is delicious. Let’s just get to it!

25 – 30 min | 2 portions

♥ 150 g pasta, penne
♥ 2 tpls olive oil
♥ 1/2 red onion, thinly sliced
♥ 1 boat garlic, chopped
♥ 1/2 squash, sliced divided into two
♥ 1/2 pepper, sliced strips
♥ 2-3 spring onions or 1/4 leeks, sliced
♥ 75 g mushrooms, in boats
♥ 5 tables sweet chili sauce
♥ 150 g cleaned shrimps



1. Cook the pasta as shown on the package, star away the water and keep the pasta warm.
2. Rinse, clean and cut up the vegetables.

3. Heat the oil in a wok or a high frying pan. Add onion and garlic and fry for about 1 minute.
4. Add the sliced up squash, pepper, spring onions/leeks and mushrooms and let it simmer with the onion for about 1 minute. Gently stir.

5. Add the finished bowled pasta and chili sauce and let it warm on low heat. At last add the shrimps and stir one last time.




Good Morning

I woke myself up at 8 o’clock today after not going to bed before 1 am yesterday. Guess I have a timer inside of me because I always seem to wake up at the same time. I just made some porridge and starting to write my todo list in my head. I can’t remember the last time I woke up and had nothing to do. But it feels great to get the day started early and having lots of time to do what needs to be done.

23rd May

Maybe I’ll find myself to the shopping center as well. I’m really starting to feel the need to buy something new. We shall see. Now I’m off making my way down the list, starting with you! Stay tuned for a recipe coming soon.



24 hours

I can’t really explain my absence the last months. Sometimes it’s hard to describe feelings into words, and you have no clue why things happen. I’m only 19 years old and should have the whole world in front of my feet. But it doesn’t exactly help to hear all kinds of advice from colleagues, family or friends. There is no way they can put their feelings and trouble aside and look inside my head and see what is going on.
Everyone is going through something, cause we can’t always be happy – it is mentally impossible. For me, when I’m happy, I’m ecstatic. I’m on top of the world, like happiness is something I’ve never felt before. I have moments of happiness too but they fade away just as quickly as then came. And when I’m down I beat myself up over all the wrongs and should have’s. It’s hard to just be and let everything go because I always feel some sort of responsibility. At work, at home or to myself.

The day only has 24 hours, 9 of which go to sleeping, 8 hours go to work and 1 hour goes to commuting back and forth from work. Exercise takes about 2 hours, which leads us to 4 hours left to live. Is that enough, having 4 hours of spare time?
24 hours
I’m just saying, there is not enough hours in the day to do everything we want or have to do. So spare with me, I’m trying my best.



The day before

Almost done, sitting on the couch at the moment waiting for the first layer of nail polish to dry. Everything has to be perfect, or near to perfection at least.

Wait, let me take you back to the beginning because I don’t think I’ve told you. I’m going to GREECE! Yahoo, finally! Seriously, it’s been long over do because this has been a dream destination of mine for a long time. Tomorrow evening I will land in Crete, hopefully warm weather will meet me and a beautiful city.

I feel like my heads going to explode though because I have so much stuff to do before I leave. But the packing is so to speak finished. Now I just have to clean the hall and my room, make some food and then take a long, hot bath. My cold is not quit gone so I just have to take it easy and not stress so it won’t get worse.



I should get going then. Speak to you soon, maybe in Greece.




Spring was right around the corner and then over night we were snowed in. Not literally but I was too scared to drive to work by myself so asked my dear father to take me. Luckily he said yes and even though I came 20 minutes late we all got home safe in the end. But after that awful long day, working 8,5 hours I could feel I was getting sick. So the last two days I’ve been trying to get enough sleep so that my body will recover before the weekend is over. Drinking tons of lemon water and tea. And lets not forget, I’m at tissue pack number six so it’s safe to say that my nose is bright red and a little sore.



Lunch recipe

While I’m spending my days sleeping, working out and eating I’ve had enough time to try out new recipes and also eating three day leftovers. Anyway, what I wanted was to share this easy but so delicious lunch recipe.


What you will need:

♥ 2 eggs ♥ Salt, pepper and chicken seasoning ♥ 1 tomato ♥ 1 onion ♥ 1 feed garlic ♥ Grated cheese

1. Whip the eggs together & add a bit of water or milk  2. Spice with salt, pepper and chicken seasoning 3. Warm a pan and add the cut onion and garlic 4. After a few minutes add the eggs and tomato at once 5. Finish with some grated cheese on top and let the omelet roast on a low heat.

You can eat the omelet alone or with some bread which I have done with heated mini baguettes with garlic butter.

Shhh.. the secret is chicken seasoning



♥ Enjoy ♥



A 2 week break

On Monday I went to the doctors and got a check up, and since I work as a hairdresser my arms, shoulders and back have been hurting frequently over the last year. I’ve gone to treatments while I was still working but it didn’t seem to help. That’s why I’m spending 2 weeks at home right now hoping it will get better.

It’s really nice and relaxing to have a break from it all. Even though I miss the people I work with it’s not fun to work with a chronicle condition that makes you dread going to work every day cause you can’t preform your best.

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