Day 1: Saturday – shopping day

Day 1: Saturday – shopping day

I’ve finally been connected again, but it was actually pretty nice to have no internet for two days. I had a lot to get up to date with so therefore is this post coming so late. But I do want to tell you what I did yesterday and I’ll also post a ootd from today.

But first, yesterday. Yesterday three generations went shopping in a cute little town only 30 minutes away from where I’m staying. On top of my shopping list where trainers, which I also got for 129 €. But they are super comfortable, and believe it or not, I didn’t look at the design but how they fit. They both give you support on the sides which I need and have good support on the heel. I can’t wait to use this from running and training outside.

Afterwards we looked around and had some delicious food and dessert.
Yesterday’s outfit of the day: