The best feeling in the world

The best feeling in the world when you can check off your to-do list one by one.


The day started off an hour earlier then planned and after only six hours of sleep with a list that was half a mile long. I did make a very specific list the night before, hour by hour, instead of just listing things up and not knowing when I would do them. This can be a great way to plan out your day in advanced, especially if you want a lot of stuff done.

My original plan was to go back to sleep from 10 am to 12, but after an intens leg workout my energy level was up in the sky and there was no way I would fall back to sleep.

I got a bit delayed midday but at the end I managed to pull through.  With a one hour nap in between it was safe to say that my energy level was running low at the end of the night. The next couple of days I just have to continue on with my work and try to catch up on some sleep as well.




I thought it was time for a heart-to-heart again. I have something that I have on my mind and it’s just not going away till I get it out.

It’s so often that we’re being labeled by others. Other people that don’t know you, that only see you at work or school.
I’m being labeled and I hate it. What have I’ve not been called by someone? Probably everything in the book, and if not to my face then behind my back. I hear all the time that I look like a bitch or even act like one sometimes or that I’ve got an attitude. Well, I’m not like that at all. And if the people around me calling me those things would know even half the person I am inside they would see me in a different way. But they don’t see and don’t understand.

When I was younger I always saw myself as a shy person and I never really said much. I never voiced my opinion and made sure that people wouldn’t hear me. Over the years that apparently changed and even my best friend said to me that the first time she saw me she though I looked mean.

Now, I know that I’m not like that, neither mean, a bitch or have an attitude, but it hurts my feelings when people say that about me. I don’t know what I’m suppose to do but I refuse to change because of them. I just feel misunderstood.