Little things

6 months ago

I can’t believe it’s been half a year
Time flied by like a night in disguise
One second ago I held you close
Two little feet, ten little toes
First a smile, then a laugh
Now six months later you’re rolling around
Finding your hands to your toys
Soon you’ll be able to walk and talk
While you’re growing up, we’re growing old
Stop time a little so we can be with you even more
There is no rush, so I’ll stop searching for the next milestone
And enjoy the time with our firstborn child



Little things

I wish for all eternity

I will never get sick of the days spent with you. Never regret that you can bring a smile on my face when I´m down. And loving when you call me ´your girl´ at the end of a sentence. I can never regret anything we’ve been through cause you bring me more happiness then I thought was possible. And when I dream of you, even after all these years, I still wish for all eternity with you.



A trip down memorylane

I was on my way home from the grocery store today when I began to think.. I was at the exact same place I went with my mum every Saturday from the age 10 till I became 14, if not 15 years old. We had these Saturday shopping trips where we drove to the next ‘big’ mall. We would window shop, or try out lots of clothes, where I ended up finding something and begged “pretty, pretty please” to my mum till she agreed to pay for the item(s) or loan me the money. After some hours of shopping we would sit down and have coffee, cake and lunch. I remembered that I always asked if I could have a sip of my mothers coffee from an early age. I would tell her my verdict and she’d agree. The last hour went to food shopping before we drove home.

That little memory made me think about all the other things that happened that never where planned. Because let’s be real, those are the happenings that are most exited and the ones you remember.

It’s funny how you’re life avowals & I can’t wait to find out what my life has planned for the next years to come.


Fashion & beauty

Beauty gurus

I went into never, never land and just doze off. For the last four hours I was completely out and when I woke up the first thing i thought about was food. No, actually it was Fashion Friday.

My mind is blank and for the first time I didnt know what to write about for Fashion Friday. That’s maybe also why this post is one day late. But while having a break I came up with the clever idea to show you all my favorite beauty gurus worth watching on YouTube!

My favorite beauty gurus:
– Dulce Candy
– beautycrush
– Michelle Phan
– ilikeweylie
– BeautyPeachiii
– missglamorazzi
– ThatsHeart
– Bethany Mota
– Zoella
– Tanya Burr
and my channel: mylifelizabeth




I know, I know, I’ve been so bad at posting lately and you have no idea how guilty I feel. But (you know there’s always a but) I’m going to start making some changes. I’m going to try to juggle work, YouTube, WordPress and let us not forget living a bit better than I’ve done lately. Since I love YouTube and WordPress endlessly I forget to live a little once in a while.

I’m not going to give everything away at once but I can tell you that I am going to move soon, travel and experience some new things. I’m not going to tell you more than that, but keep coming back and you’ll get updated with the latest.

And sorry again for not posting as often! I love how much support I’ve gotten through followers and likes. I’m forever grateful – you keep me going!