They were better together

She holds him tight at night
Hoping his soul won’t slip away

Wishing for an eternity
Praying they will last forever
Together till their last breath

Striving for success
Paradise where they’ll rest
Truly this is her deepest wish



This life is short

We didn’t choose this life, it was chosen for us. We don’t decided where we are born or who our parents are, it’s chosen for us. We don’t choose our time of death or how we die, it’s all chosen for us. But everything in between is our choice. What we believe in, what friends we want to have, what soundings we want to be in, where we want to live. We are given free will and therefor also the ability to choose as we please. But don’t think for a second we won’t be accountable for the choices we make. We forget the responsibility we get with this life but the truth is that we are held accountable for the choices we make.

We don’t know how long we have on this earth but still we act as if we’re given an eternity. 


I wish for all eternity

I will never get sick of the days spent with you. Never regret that you can bring a smile on my face when I´m down. And loving when you call me ´your girl´ at the end of a sentence. I can never regret anything we’ve been through cause you bring me more happiness then I thought was possible. And when I dream of you, even after all these years, I still wish for all eternity with you.