Our final destination

This is our last fight
We all know the ending
There is only one destination
We know what will happen
Neither the rich nor the poor get away
In the end we will all be in the same place
Whether you are a believer or not
But you can’t deny the fact
This life only lasts a short period
So don’t be fooled by the comfort of this world
Cause it’s only given to us for a brief time
Untill the term appointed by our Lord


Day 13: Sirmione to Bodensee

Day 13: Sirmione to Bodensee

The last bit of our journey was here and our final destination, Germany, stood in line. After the last breakfast in Italy we were in the car around 10:45 and drove some long hours throughout Italy, Swiss, Austrian and then Germany. After 7 hours in the car we arrived at Sonnenhof, Bodensee. A amazing 4 star hotel with a panorama view from the restaurant and pool downstairs, private gym and modern rooms.