Late Sunday breakfast

Today started off quite late but I guess thats allowed on Sundays. I fell back to sleep after being up from 8 to 10 am. And we all stayed in bed till 1 pm. Just about right for the weekend I think. Other than relaxing today, I’ve cleaned my car and put on a load of laundry. I’m planning on doing some creative work but I just have to get started with it. That’s always the hardest part, actually start with any project. Once I’ve started I can go on for hours.

I did plan on doing a workout as well but I think that has to wait till tomorrow. My body is extremely sore so I’ll take today as a rest day. I’ve also posted a new video on YouTube, so if you’re interested and have seven minutes to spare, you can check it out right here.

Happy Sunday!



One week later

I had to take a minute and regather my strength. I don’t know what happened but a week ago on Friday my body said stop. I had to take a breather and just be. I wasn’t able to do much that day other than to look after myself. I had a headache and felt nauseated throughout the entire day. Luckily with a lot of resting and sleep I was feeling like myself again the next day.

Now a week later, the trees are getting greener and my baby is getting older. I’ve spent most of my days inside because the heat is too real right now. I should be thankful for the wonderful weather we have received but a little cold breeze wouldn’t hurt. I’ve had family over, started reading a new book and figuring out how I can expand my growth on social media. I would love for this blog to be more than just a hobby. But I know I have to give a 110% and unfortunately I don’t have the dedication right now. I guess I don’t know how to managed my time yet, but I’ll get there, hopefully.


Day 5: Summer

This is what I call summer. Way over 20 degrees, boiling hot sun, almost uncomfortable at times but at the same time you want that tan you’ve waited for since last summer. You can’t bear to be outside more than an hour but get a bad conscience when you’re just sitting inside not enjoying summer. Hopefully it’s here to stay cause I’m starting to get comfortable.

This morning I followed my mum to the train station cause she’s going out-of-town for a couple of days and then the early afternoon turned into a walk into town with granny to run some errands. We stopped to buy a bretzeln which I ate on the way home before I changed into a bikini to get some sun. Now it’s out to get some exercise, just a walk today cause I can’t bear a jog in this hot weather.