Sorry for my mistakes
For the time I hurt you

Sorry for my distance
For not looking past the issue

Sorry for the times I didn’t see
For the pain I made you feel

Sorry for giving you a hard time
For not giving you better

Sorry for ever doubting
Cause it’s not up to us


Release the pain

Release the pain

The last 48 hours have been long and exhausting. The quilt drives me crazy and before I lay my head down I think about the things I didn’t managed to do. I beat myself up, and I’m bruised from the inside out. I rage at the smallest things but put on a smile whenever I’m outside. I don’t recognizes myself anymore. I’m strangled by this life and wish for the time it will end. This is not the life I want to be living, waiting for death to arrive just to feel the release of the stinging pain.


I know this only took a minute to read but it helps. Every unsaid word can be written down forever, and that helps. Take a big breath, and don’t stop breathing.