Back at work & feeling lazy

I’ve been back at work the last two days after having (almost) a one year break. It’s safe to say I was quite nervous on Monday. Luckily I eased myself into it, only working a couple of hours a day and my first ‘customer’ was a college. Yesterday though, I had 2 paying customers. It felt like it went in slow motion, especially the first cut, but I managed to be done in time.

Today I have a day off and even though I feel like I do something ever single day, whether it’s laundry, cleaning or just look after my son, I can’t help to feel lazy. I don’t know why and I wish I didn’t beat myself up over it. It’s like everyone around me is so productive and I’m not even halfway to my goals.

We did manage to create a new office space so hopefully the creativity will just be flowing in this room. I really want to start sewing again reguallary and actually finish pieces I love and would want to wear. I have some huge ideas, I just don’t know how to get them down to paper and where to start. Fixing my serger to the right stitch lengths has also been a battle. I still have to figure out what the right settings are and how in the world I’m going to use it probably.

Wish me luck!  



It isn’t Sunday unless you’ve completely wasted it

I just had the laziest Sunday ever. And it’s not Sunday unless you completely wasted it and feel horrible around 8pm.

There should definitely be a day between Sunday and Monday.
I can’t feel completely sad because did manage to do laundry, cook and play with my baby boy. Which isn’t a baby soon since he’s turning 1 in under three months! And he’s already started to walk. Can I say that I’m a proud mum? His first teeth are also coming in slowly – only 15 more to go now.

On another note I got a desk for my sewing equipment. I finally have a place just for me. Even though I’m setting on the bed right this minute and haven’t used my desk more then once since I’ve got it. But I will get there!

I have so many ideas but it’s like I need a kick to get started. I know I love it when I do get started but I’m missing the last nudge to take the first step.
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A lazy kinda day

So I didn’t manage to rise to this not so very sunny Saturday any earlier then the time I went to bed yesterday. I woke up to the rain dripping on my window and after numerous minutes on my phone checking every single social network I thought it was time for some breakfast.

Now my plan is actually to work out since it’s been over a week since the last one and only thinking about it makes me want to get up and do something. And the rest of the day is planned on spending with friends and family.

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Talk soon.



Day 16: Lazy Sunday

Unfortantly this was my last full day in Germany. Even though we’re leaving late tomorrow I know the day is going to go to packing and travelling. I’ve already started my pre-packing and note to myself, “do not buy too much on holiday. You’re suitcase isn’t getting any bigger and neither is your purse, so save yourself the troubles and do not shop so much”. Now that, that is said and I will hopefully remember it till next time I want to tell you about my day.

It started off by sleeping in and having a nice and relaxed morning. At noon my mum and I went out with the car cause we wanted to see the last of Germany so we first went to the “Ammer” and then up “Hoher Peissenberg” where we had ice cafe. The evening went to spending some last-minute family time.