100 days ago

A 100 days ago I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. 4920 grams and 50 cm of pure love wrapped into one tiny human being. 3 months later I can see her smiling back at me when I look at her and all of my worries fade away. The world stops for minute and it’s just us. Then the noise from the outside world start tumbling in again but that smile remains. And after 9 long months she is finally kicking her feet of joy and excitement. There is nothing more beautiful and precious than to see your children grow up right beside you. And losing either one of them would be my greatest fear.

Tomorrow will be my first day back at work since going out on maternity leave 3 weeks before my baby girl came. My head is totally ready for it but my heart is still yearning to be with my child. I’m overwhelmed with emotions and don’t really know what to focus on. But I know it will be good for me, and I’m ready to take the leap.


The first Saturday in September, 3 months after giving birth, I’m back at it, and I’m ready.



Carpe diem

It’s pretty hard to get used to writing again but I’m going to try my best. Right now I’m in the middle of a move with boxes everywhere and even though I know there is more work waiting for me I just have to take a breather and just sit and be. I feel as if I always have to do something and when I don’t I get guilty, something I really have to work on. I don’t want to go through life like that but it’s harder then it sounds like, just to be. But today I’m just going to be and what I get done I get done, and if not there’s a day tomorrow as well.

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– Elizabeth