Full body workout

There is only so much time in one day and when most hours go by to cook, clean, feed or change a diaper, there is only a little amount left. So you have to make the most of every minute especially when it comes to working out. I’ve found that multiple exercises put together is a great way to save time but also getting a full body workout. I stick to short workouts with a maximum of 5 exercises. If I want I’ll do a longer warm up, like today.

I started of with a 45 minute walk around the neighborhood to get my legs moving and body warmed up. When I got back home I only had a limited amount of time before I had to give the little one food again. So no time waisting I found 2 dumbbells & an ab roller. This is all you’ll need for this quick workout, and a couple of minutes to spare. I repeated the set 3 times with 12 repetitions.

Skjermbilde 2017-03-18 kl. 15.28.29

If I can do it, you can do it too!





The day has come.. I’m without a home for the next three weeks. But I’m staying with my mum till we’re on our 2,5 week long vacation in one week. Oh, how the butterflies are coming and I can hardly wait. My favorite thing to do – travel – getting to the unknown, discover new places and experiencing new cultures.

I’ve tried to make myself as comfortable as possible at my moms again, which can be harder than it seems since I’ve never felt truly at home where she lives. So I can’t wait to see the new place again and move in. I’m proud of myself though. I haven’t cried since I left my place this morning but my heart aches to go back there. I know I can’t change the present so there is no point in complaining about things I have no control over and can’t do anything about.

“When life gives you lemon, make lemonade”.

Now my eyes are about as tired as they can get so I’ll end this post now with wishing you all a good night.



You can’t change the present

Lately I haven’t prioritized blogging only because there’s been so much going in my life right now. So I’m taking this moment while I have the time at my friends to reflect and talk about what’s been going on.

On the 24th of April I got home from work and I was waiting on some news from the owner of the house I live in right now, and even though I had a really bad feeling I didn’t want to listen to it. So as I get into the house I ask in a sarcastically voice if we have to move now, and unfortunately the answer was yes. I sat down and talked about it and it results into that we have to move before the 1st of August. That night when every soul was lying in their bed resting their head I was reminiscing about all the memories and cried myself to sleep.
I’m already deeply into looking for a new place but it’s harder than it looks, so I just have to keep my fingers crossed so that we’ll find something as soon as possible.

What I’m learning through all of this that you can’t always plan everything even though you want to. Things change, but maybe it’s for the best and you get the chance to look at your life and think about the positive things coming from an unpleasant event.