My top 5 make-up products – are they cruelty-free?

My top 5 make-up products – are they cruelty-free?

I change favorites as quick as I change my clothes cause there is always something new and exciting to try out. And even though I want to minimize my make-up collection I still have some trys and errors left. With that being said I want my make-up to be ‘cruelty-free’, and that’s why I’ve made it a goal for me to check out every brand before I buy it. I’ll start with make-up and slowly move over to hair products, perfume, shower gels – you name it. It is in fact 2018 and I can’t believe this isn’t a law already that applies to every brand out there. But I must say there are surprisingly a lot of brands that already have joined the movement.

I’ve picked out my TOP 5 FAVORITE make-up products at the moment, and these are my go to products whenever I wear make-up.


L’Oréal True Match Foundation & L’Oréal Volum Mega Lashes

Founded in 1909 by Eugene Schueller, Loreal is most likely the biggest name of them all. They have it all, from make-up to hair products to sun lotion and protection to skincare. Other products within the L’Oréal family are: Kerastase, Garnier, Redken, Maybelline, Lance, YSL – just to mention a few.

On L’Oréal’s frequently asked questions they claim not to test any products or ingredients on animals. Never the less, L’Oréal still sells in China and by law all products must be tested on animals there. To be included as ‘cruelty-free’ with PETA for instance, is a requirement that the company does not and will not conduct, commission pay for, or allow tests on animals for any of their ingredients, formulations, and products, anywhere in the world.

From what I understand from my research is that L’Oréal only tests on animals in China. Non the less, if I where to continue to buy from them I would in a way support their actions.

Maybelline Strobing Stick

Maybelline was founded by 19 year old Tom Lyle Williams in 1915 and his first products was a modern mascara inspired by his sister. The company was bough up decades later by L’Oréal, in 1996.

Maybelline does not test their finished products or ingredients on animals except where animal testing is required by law, as it is in China. They have not made it to PETA’s ‘cruelty-free’ list, possible because of their parent company L’Oréal, and the fact that they both still sell in China.

Gosh Anti Redness Mix & Fix Colour Drops

Gosh Copenhagen founded in 1945 in Denmark by Einer Tjellesen. The goal was to focus on business opportunities within pharmaceutical companies, but quickly moved into the cosmetics industry. Today Bo Tjellesen, son of founder, is the director of Gosh Copenhagen with products sold in more than 80 countries.


The company claims to not use animals to test any products or ingredients. Neither do they commission others to perform animals tests. They also have a new vegan friendly list where products do no contain any ingredients derived from or produced by animals.

It is prohibited to test on animals in Europe which is great news. Non the less, now I have to think about what ingredients there are in all of these products.

Fenty Beauty Killawat / Hu$tla Baby Highlighter
Fenty beauty was established in 2017 by non other than Robyn ‘Rihanna’ Fenty. You probably know this company because it’s been all over social media whenever there’s a new product. Great reviews and amazing products for every skin type and tones. Her slogan is: «Beauty for all».


Fenty Beauty is cruelty-free and never tests on animals, nor do they allow suppliers or affiliates to conduct animal testing on their behalf. Most products are free from animal byproducts, but it’s not considered a vegan line.

2/5 of my favorite products where from a ‘cruelty-free’ line, and I must say I’m disappointed. I never though L’Oréal wasn’t considered a cruelty-free brand, and because they still sell in China they aren’t considered one. My next move is to use up the products I’ve already purchased, like L’Oréal and Maybelline, but try to find alternatives whenever I’m out shopping for make-up.

‘Cruelty-free’ drugstore make-up: 
– Ardell
– e.l.f
– NYX (Owned by L’Oréal though)
NOT ‘cruelty-free’ drugstore make-up:
– Rimmel London
– Revlon
– Bourjois
– Cover Girl
– L’Oréal
– Maybelline
Just to mention a few. I hope this guide was a bit helpful for you who is interested in supporting brands who do not test on animals.
My last week

My last week

I’ve finally had my first a long weekend where I could relax but the down part is that the time is flying by too fast. Tomorrow it’s already of to work again and I feel that I never have time to catch up with everything I’ve planned and that the time never stretches out to be enough.

But I didn’t want to come here to complain, because I love my life and what I do and I feel really blessed. And now to another note, the thing I actually wanted to talk about.


So you may know that I had a vegetarian week last week, meaning I wouldn’t eat meat or fish for 7 days. Now I told you I would keep you updated on how it’s going but I never got around to it. So I thought I’d resume the whole week into one post. Now, I love animals, I can’t remember a year where we didn’t have a cat or dog in our house when I grew up and we still have. But it’s suddenly different when it comes to getting food for ourself so that we can survive. We’ve become blind to the fact of what’s inside our food. Most of us don’t think about the living conditions animals have so that we can eat. I believe that they have just as much right to live as we do! I’m not saying that we have to stop eating meat, because we are carnivores. The human body has survived on eating meat the last thousand years, but it’s how the food market and industry has become that make the animals suffer. It’s how they are forced to live and produce that is animal cruelty.


I’ve thought about having a vegetarian week for a long time but always said I could to it next week, or month or when ever, just not now. Well, I decided a week ago that I will see how it is to live as a vegetarian. It wasn’t that hard at first, but as the days went by I began to see that all I really ate was bread with cheese, scrambled eggs, salad or muesli with fruit. My energy level began to sink and I noticed I had to eat more meals every day or bigger portions. But it wasn’t all bad, I could see that my body was shrinking and the left over fat that your lower abs never get ride of where suddenly fading away. And now that the week is over I don’t see the need to eat as much meat as I have been and I want it to stay that way. I want it to be a pleasure and indulgent you don’t always get. With that said I want to start having a vegetarian week every other week. I don’t want to become a full on vegetarian because I feel that my body needs that protein from the meat and because I don’t eat pasta or rice anymore I don’t want to cut out every protein there is because I know it weakens the health.

But I encourage all of you to have a vegetarian week just to see that it is possible to live With out meat. It’s healthy and you’re doing something good for the animals. It’s a win-win situation and if you want some help along the way the site I’ve linked below shows you everything from the inside and also gives you good recipes for vegan or vegetarian food.

PETA – fighting for animal rights.

I hope you liked this post and please spread the word!