The week that went too fast

The week that went too fast

It’s Friday again and suddenly you’re sitting alone in your house wondering how time could go by so fast. A week ago I had just gotten home from Edinburgh, but I didn’t unpack until today. I only had 3 full days with my cousin but we managed to do a whole lot in those days. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to see her once in a while because we truly have the best time together. We can talk about anything and everything, and even though we have two different faiths, we support and respect each other. I was quite nervous seeing her again because she hadn’t seen me in hijab before, expect for my videos. Thank God, she was so sweet and understand and always gave me space and time to pray.

I wanted to take a moment and throw it back to a week ago and share some fond memories we made.

At the airport – half empty plane, whole row to myself – sunset view

Overpriced high tea with a double rainbow view

At Camera Obscura – Edinburgh from above

Edinburgh zoo

Obligatory outfit picture

Best home made Italian pasta

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Spring was right around the corner and then over night we were snowed in. Not literally but I was too scared to drive to work by myself so asked my dear father to take me. Luckily he said yes and even though I came 20 minutes late we all got home safe in the end. But after that awful long day, working 8,5 hours I could feel I was getting sick. So the last two days I’ve been trying to get enough sleep so that my body will recover before the weekend is over. Drinking tons of lemon water and tea. And lets not forget, I’m at tissue pack number six so it’s safe to say that my nose is bright red and a little sore.