Day 1: Weilheim

Day 1: Weilheim

Back again after a day with shopping, I’m setting in my bed, and like I said we went to Weilheim. I didn’t find everything I wanted to buy but some things at the drugstore and then two crop tops which weren’t planned at all. Still looking for a light jacket, workout clothes and shoes and maybe work shoes. I’ll see what I’ll find the next days but I’ll have to remember to save my money for Italy as well.

I finally got my objectives for my NIKON 1 camera which I’m so exited for. Still gotta figure out how everything works but I’m sooo happy. Of course I forgot my battery on my way to Weilheim so today’s outift pictures will come in iPhone quality.

Today’s buys:






Now there’s some video editing on the plan but I’m sure I’ll lay my head down to rest soon.