Never my intention

I’m sitting here on the floor waiting for my new video to upload to youtube. It’s challenging having both a youtube channel and a blog to maintain because I feel like one or the other get forgotten, but that’s never my intention.

I really wanted to step back in Ramadan and not post anything meaningless. But now that we’re back in our everyday lifestyle it’s time to get back into some old routines as well. Leave your bad habits behind and focus on the positive. Take with everything good you’ve learned this Ramadan and implement it in your daily life.

For me that is working out and eating regularly and more healthy again. I usually don’t crave any sweets anyway, but I’ve missed the working out part. I’m already sore from yesterdays leg workout. I also want to make more videos but I won’t promise anything I can’t keep. Other than that there are some projects I’m working on here at home that I’ll hopefully be able to share when they are done.

Day 4: Workout

Feels like I’ve had a total workout day today. Been in my workout clothes since this morning and after breakfast my mum and I went to Schoung. It’s the next city only 4 km away and we walked all the way there just to get a train ticket. I saw it as a workout and getting a good tan on the way.

When we went back we stopped at a shop and of course, I found something. This time I found a wonderful blouse and top.

Blouse: Only 7,50 € // Tank top: Only 10,50 €

When we finally walked home to granny after being away the whole afternoon I made myself a fruit salad and then we had dinner outside in the garden.

Before the sun went down I also decided to go for a run with my new running shoes. Haven’t trained that much in a long time, but it was good and I can’t wait for the next time.