Pray 12 Sunnah prayers & Allah will build a palace in Jannah for you.


 Pray 2 rak’ahs before fajr, 4 (2+2) before Dhurh & 2 after, 2 rak’ahs after Maghrib and 2 rak’ahs after Ish’a.
(at-Tirmidhi 379)


Full moon


It was a beautiful morning yesterday, looking over the fjord, still seeing the full moon lowering it’s gaze down the horizon. I tried to capture the view as well as I could from my terrace. Amazed what a beautiful nature we have.


Little things

Dreams get lost

Where did your dreams end?
When did they stop being real?
When did they become lost?

One day we wake up and remember the dreams we had years ago. The years ran away from us, the time we said we would see our dreams come true. Suddenly the dream about seeing the world got lost in the clutter we call life. In this tangled web someone reminded us about the dreams we used to have. Now it’s a memory we almost forgot we had.



Fashion & beauty



Have you wver heard the phrase: “I’ve got nothing to wear!”..?And you’ve got a closet full of fine and capable clothes to wear, probably for the rest of your life. Luckily I don’t have that dilemma today.
I pulled out three outfits from my wardrobe, everyone with a bit of a different edge to them. Personally I like the one to te left the most, but I want you guys to help me decide! It all comes down to how the clothes look when I put them on but I would love to hear what you have to say.

Comment below and let me know what you think.