Day 16: Lazy Sunday

Day 16: Lazy Sunday

Unfortantly this was my last full day in Germany. Even though we’re leaving late tomorrow I know the day is going to go to packing and travelling. I’ve already started my pre-packing and note to myself, “do not buy too much on holiday. You’re suitcase isn’t getting any bigger and neither is your purse, so save yourself the troubles and do not shop so much”. Now that, that is said and I will hopefully remember it till next time I want to tell you about my day.

It started off by sleeping in and having a nice and relaxed morning. At noon my mum and I went out with the car cause we wanted to see the last of Germany so we first went to the “Ammer” and then up “Hoher Peissenberg” where we had ice cafe. The evening went to spending some last-minute family time.



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